TechSentials Core Services

Our service offering includes consulting, design, procurement, deployment, optimization, operations, maintenance and technical training.

Our consultants are seasoned professionals in the following telecom technologies: 3G & 4G Cellular & PCS systems, Wireless Broadband Data Systems, Wireless LAN(Wi-Fi), Wireless IP Telephony, Microwave\Point-to-Point\Point-to-Multipoint, In-building Wireless\Distributed Antenna systems(DAS), Paging & 2-Way Messaging systems, and Land Mobile Radio.

RF Design Engineering

TechSentials provides end‐to‐end design expertise and technical leadership. Our team leverages world‐class network design models and tools, and has experience with all major technologies and leading vendors. TechSentials engineers consider alternative options, migration of existing systems and future expansion considerations to deliver truly flexible and scalable solutions.

Technology Integration & Optimization

Systems Integration is the process of physically installing individual equipment pieces, powering up each unit, loading software, testing each equipment subsystem and then connecting each equipment subsystem together into a functional network. Once the system is integrated, it needs to be fine‐tuned or optimized, which involves continuous testing and monitoring in order to improve the performance of the telecommunications network before final delivery to the client.

Project/Program Management

All projects need accurate coordination and resource management to avoid costly delays. TechSentials ensures that all project logistics and plans are properly coordinated and communicated while keeping an eye on how an individual project fits within the context of an enterprise‐wide program.

Construction Management/Deployment

Our construction management team bears ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the final result of the implementation process is built as designed and meets client standards and specifications. Importantly, the implementation process must be completed on schedule, safely and within budget. Finally, the team must use creativity and apply lessons learned to overcome adverse field conditions, and must avoid negatively impacting the overall project plan.

Procurement Services & 3rd Party Coordination

We involve our clients as we evaluate manufacturers and distributors. During this process, we develop a Request for Proposal (RFP), which we send to competing vendors. We are partners with our clients, helping them to select the right equipment and services. And we stay involved after purchase, often facilitating as a liaison between our clients and their vendors.

Technical Training

The mission of TechSentials Technical Training Services is to provide professional, advanced technical training that enables our clients to maximize the benefits of their state‐of‐the‐art telecommunications systems. We offer comprehensive training which includes a variety of courses on multiple technologies and systems, ranging from brief seminars and executive overviews to intensive, hands‐on training in system operation, installation, and maintenance.